Our proven system will work for you too.

Your decision to market and sell your property is an important one and we certainly understand that between market conditions and the challenge in locating and interviewing and selecting the right agent, it can become overwhelming. With an 85% chance you will select an agent who sells less than 1 home per month, its no wonder that many of our current clients were previously frustrated and had almost given up.

Don't do that, there is hope and a solution that will ensure that your property gets sold! But only if you are able to complete the correct due diligence allowing you to select the correct marketing plan, agent and price point for your home.

What you'll notice immediately about working with The Nett Group Real Estate Advisors is we are very different from the average St. Louis Agent or Team!

  • 70% of our listings come from homes that were previously for sale and didn't sell.
  • We sell our listings in an average of one month faster than the market average - one less mortgage payment and taxes!
  • Our listings sell for more than 98% of list price vs. the market average of closer to 97% - netting our sellers more money!
  • We've had the pleasure of assisting more than 1000 sellers in the greater St. Louis area.

We don't just promise to get your home sold, we Guarantee it.


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